Vege. Gardens and Allotments


In today's current economic climate it is becoming increasingly popular to grow your own vegetables. However, many people have never tried this before, and it is possible that you might be thinking of 'Growing Your Own', but don't know where to begin.


Whether it is in your own garden, or whether you are thinking of taking on an Allotment, we have the expertise to help to get you started. Maybe you just need that initial help, or maybe you would like us to take over the whole process, and leave you to do the picking and enjoy the fruits of our/your labour. After all, there is nothing nicer than having a bumper crop of your favourite soft fruit or vegetable, and putting some in the freezer for later in the year !


Even if you don't have a large garden, or no garden at all, it is still possible to grow some vegetables in tubs or grow bags, so you don't have to miss out on that fresh taste that growing your own will bring you.


So, if your plot needs to be double dug, or if you have a perennial weed problem that really should be sorted out before you can go any further, give us a call.